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Laundry Business 101: How to Own & Operate a Laundry Business

It’s one thing to start a laundry business, it’s another thing to own and operate a laundry business successfully. Owning a laundry business with a franchise like Tide Cleaners makes it easier to get started and to operate a successful business.

Starting a Laundry Business

Before starting a Tide Cleaners laundry business, you need to go through a qualification process. This can take just over three months. Usually, a Tide Cleaners business can be opened within four to five months from construction commencement. Don’t worry: Tide Cleaners will be with you every step of the way.

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Upfront Costs

The initial franchise fee to open a Tide Cleaners franchise is $10,000 per unit. New owners can expect to invest between $681,100 to $1.5 million for a plant store, which is the store format that you must use for your first outlet.

Qualification Process

After submitting an initial request form, you will speak with a member of the Tide Cleaners franchising team and review the Franchise Disclosure Document. Following a market review, you will visit the Tide Cleaners’ corporate office in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Franchise Review Board will consider your application. After you qualify and sign franchise agreements, you can open your laundry business.

Support Opening Shop

Tide Cleaners will provide guidance and assistance in the Site Selection Process, as well as training and opening support. New franchise owners receive approximately two weeks of hands-on experience in operating a Tide Cleaners location at a training facility or on-site. Tide Cleaners also provides additional training for your management staff, and a Tide Cleaners Support Representative will be on your site during its opening. The Tide Cleaners team will provide guidance regarding standards, specifications, operating procedures, marketing, and purchasing equipment and products.

Operating the Business

Operating a laundry business is easier when you have the backing of the Tide Cleaners’ successful business model and popular brand name. The various services offered by Tide Cleaners help ensure you will be successful at operating your laundry business once it is up and running.

Ongoing Costs

Tide Cleaners franchise owners must pay a royalty fee to the franchisor of 6.5 percent of net sales. There is also a requirement to contribute 4 percent of the store’s weekly net sales for marketing. Net sales are the gross sales minus taxes, refunds, and discounts.

Laundry Business Services

Offering various services makes you more valuable to the busy consumers in your market. Tide Cleaners offers a range of services today’s customers need:

  • Dry cleaning

  • Wash and fold laundry

  • Shirt laundering

  • Wedding dress cleaning

  • Household items cleaning

  • Alterations

  • Shoe cleaning and repair

Location Opportunities

Tide Cleaners has various store models and location opportunities for franchise owners. First-time franchise owners must open a plant store, but owners can consider locker outlets or offering pickup and delivery services. Many customers find value in visiting a laundry business and having face-to-face interactions. However, others are busy and appreciate drop-off lockers or having their laundry delivered to their door.

Start Your Laundry Business

Owning and operating a laundry business can be an incredibly successful and rewarding endeavor. Owning a Tide Cleaners franchise allows you to have the independence you want as a business owner while receiving the support of a successful brand.

The first step to owning a laundry business is to contact us. Then, Tide Cleaners will lead you down a successful path of business ownership.

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