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Site Selection

Site Selection Process

Many factors contribute to the success of a Tide Cleaners location. Our team of committed experts will help you identify them. Read ahead for qualities we examine in our site selection process.

Core Customer Demographics And Ideal Site Location

Busy professionals and families are driving the growth of the dry cleaning and laundry industry. Experts associated with Tide Cleaners offer demographic and psychographic profiling to help determine potential sites. We use mapping technology to determine where our core customers live, work, and shop to help us identify target intersections.

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Area Criteria

Qualities like a high traffic count, a healthy mix of competitors, and excellent visibility make a market ideal for a Tide Cleaners franchise. During the site selection process, Tide Cleaners looks for areas with these qualities:

  • Traffic count of 25K vehicles per day (VPD)

  • $100K+ median income within a six-minute drive time

  • 40K+ population density within a six-minute drive time

  • Grocery anchored preferred

  • Abundant daily-needs retail

  • National co-tenancy

  • Healthy mix of competitors

  • Mature market/rising trade area

  • Excellent ingress/egress (signalized)

  • Excellent visibility from intersection

Ideal market has high traffic, abundant retail, and a mix of competitors

Lease & Purchase Requirements

Tide Cleaners carries the follow requirements for all locations. These will be reviewed and discussed with new franchise owners and brokers:

  • Purchase or building lease

  • Reserved parking

  • Exclusive use

  • No ground leases

  • 10-year term with two five-year options

  • Maximum 5% Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expenses cap

  • No radius restriction

  • Attractive tenant improvements and free rent package

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