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Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Why settle for one Tide Cleaners location when the potential to build revenue with additional locations is so high? Tide Cleaners requires multi-unit franchise ownership. Passionate owners who want to have a bigger reach in their communities, or who want to expand their businesses to other markets, are encouraged to grow. Here’s how our multi-unit franchise opportunities work.

Tide Cleaners Outlets

Every new Tide Cleaners franchise owner must start with a Plant Store outlet as their first location. This is typically a 2,800-3,200 square-foot location with a drive-thru. This type of location processes the garments in addition to giving customers a physical location that is developed with convenience in mind, to drop-off and pick-up their garments. After opening a Plant Store, franchise owners can begin offering delivery services within their area while looking to open their next location. Additional locations can be additional Plant Stores, or any of our various Drop Store formats. Drop Stores do not process garments but provide an additional convenient physical location for customers to drop-off and pick-up their garments. Plant Stores and Drop Stores also offer 24/7 drop-off and pick-up through drop boxes, kiosks, or lockers.

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Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Qualifications

Multi-unit franchise owners must be passionate about their business and the communities in which their Tide Cleaners locations serve. They must believe in the Tide Cleaners brand and display a willingness to collaborate with our established franchise system. Potential multi-unit franchise owners must have $750,000 in Liquid Capital and at least $2,000,000 in Net Worth.

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Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership Investment

One of the main benefits of owning multiple Tide Cleaners franchise locations is the ability to drive scale efficiencies and brand awareness. An investment in the beginning, as well as perseverance and a commitment to growth, is the foundation on which success is built.

Investment benefits include scale efficiencies, brand awareness, and growth commitment

Investment Range

The initial investment for a Plant Store, the store format that you must use as your first outlet, is $703,500 - $1,477,400. A Drop Store is $145,150 - $565,500, and a Neighborhood Drop is $90,950 - $274,100. There is an ongoing 6.5% royalty fee on net sales (gross sales minus taxes, refunds, and discounts). Additionally, there is a 4% marketing fee (2% National Ad Fund and 2% Local Fund).

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