Franchise Training: The Up-Front & Ongoing Training You Need

What differentiates owning a franchise from owning an independent business is the removal of any guesswork. Entrepreneurs who invest in a good franchise will benefit from a robust franchise training program, and they should receive a well-established playbook for success.

The best franchises have standardized training procedures that start the moment you sign a franchise agreement; and continue throughout your experience with the brand.

As you consider franchise opportunities, it’s important to understand what guarantees you can expect as part of your initial and ongoing franchisee training. While training will vary depending on the brand and industry, the basics below are standard for the most successful franchise brands.

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Review the Details in Your Franchise Agreement

Some brands offer their franchisees more support and training opportunities than other companies. The details should be clearly laid out in your contract, and it’s vital to compare training opportunities before deciding to invest in a franchise.

Aside from the franchise agreement, potential franchisees can call current franchise owners to get feedback on the support and training they have experienced. Franchisors often provide a list of current owners you can call for background on the company under consideration.

The current owners will help you get a sense of how the words in the agreement translate to reality and can alert you to any red flags or gaps in training.

What to Expect

It’s best for everyone involved if a new franchisee succeeds, which is why successful franchisors dedicate resources to initial and ongoing training. You will learn throughout the process that franchisees are required to run the business according to set standards, and franchisee training will help you understand and implement the requirements.

Location Selection Assistance

Franchises will typically help new store owners choose a location that will maximize your opportunity. Various brands have location requirements, such as needing a drive-thru or avoiding competitors within a specified distance. The franchisor should help you meet these requirements and assist in the search for the perfect spot.

Leasing, Design, and Construction Support

Successful franchises have standardized requirements for store designs, paint colors, equipment needs, and other construction-related elements that provide consistency across locations. The franchisor should help you oversee the design of the store you plan to open so you meet the brand’s standards.

Initial and Ongoing Marketing and Recruiting Assistance

Many entrepreneurs know about the royalty fees and initial capital requirements needed to open a franchise, but some don’t consider the benefits of having the brand handle much of your marketing needs. Ask about training opportunities and assistance with marketing to customers and recruiting employees.

Systems and Software Training

The benefit of franchising is having systems in place to get your business up and running fast. But to make the most of a brand’s systems and software, you must know how to use it. Make sure your franchise agreement includes thorough training on these systems for you and your employees.

Operations Manuals to Review

Most franchisors provide lengthy manuals to help you learn the brand initially and then serve as an ongoing reference as you build your business. Find out what manuals you can expect to receive from the franchisor.

Ongoing Training Opportunities and Brand Communication

The communication and training shouldn’t end after you’ve opened the doors to your business. Find out how the franchisor communicates brand updates, systems changes, and other professional development training opportunities, such as regional meetups and events.

Consider Franchising with Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners has franchisors across the country who enjoy great success, despite many franchisees having no prior experience in the laundry services industry. Our unmatched training and support prepare you for every aspect of building, designing, equipping, and managing your Tide Cleaners location(s).

Our current franchise training program offers approximately two weeks of hands-on experience at a training facility for operating a Tide Cleaners location; and approximately one week of self-directed computer-based training. We provide additional training for your management staff, and a Tide Cleaners Support Representative will be on your site during its opening.

The support doesn’t end after the opening. Tide Cleaners franchisees are given guidance regarding standards, specifications, and operating procedures. Additional regional activities help keep franchisees informed and provide an opportunity to network with other members of the franchisee family.

Learn more about opening a Tide Cleaners.

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