6 Reasons to Enter the Dry Cleaning Industry

A dry cleaning business in your community has strong potential to succeed for entrepreneurs who rely on proven business models that have helped the laundry industry thrive for generations.

It’s also an exciting moment in history to join the dry cleaning and laundry services industry, as it transforms to meet modern-day demands with unprecedented convenience.

Here are six reasons investors should consider the dry cleaning industry.

Laundry getting cleaned

Strong Opportunity for Growth

If the truth is in the numbers, then there is ample reason to feel optimistic about the dry cleaning and laundry services industry.

From 2014 to 2018, the global dry cleaning and laundry services industry grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7 percent, reaching a value of nearly $118.9 billion, according to a market report summary from Business Wire. From 2018 to 2022, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.9 percent to nearly $180 billion.

Owners Enjoy a Flexible Work Schedule

As the owner of a dry cleaning operation, you make your own schedule and have the freedom to design a business model that works best for you. Perhaps you want free time to expand your business, or you need to be able to leave work mid-day for personal obligations, and you can’t be available at every hour to manage day-to-day operations in your plant store. With a reliable manager and highly-trained staff in place in your store, you have freedom to focus on other entrepreneurial or personal goals.

We’re not suggesting a business owner should be entirely absent. That’s rarely the reality for a successful entrepreneur. But owners of dry cleaners do enjoy the flexibility to choose their hours and their management methods.

Laundry Services Are In Demand

In a recent study, researchers found that working adults report greater happiness after spending money on timesaving purchases rather than spending on material purchases. It’s no wonder more families are outsourcing common household chores, such as grocery shopping, car washing, and laundry services.

For this reason, the modern laundry service offers more than just dry cleaning. You must meet the needs of a modern-day customer; dry cleaning is just one component of the business. Adults and families today are busier than ever, and one way to buy more leisure time is to outsource a chore like laundry. Laundry services like Tide Cleaners offer wash and fold service, in addition to dry cleaning, for people who don’t have time or don’t wish to waste time doing their more casual laundry. A pickup and delivery service adds even more convenience. Families don’t have to waste valuable time commuting to the cleaner.

Aside from consumer demand, many businesses need dry cleaning and laundry services, including hotels, teams and companies with uniforms, restaurants, salons, gyms, and more. As the owner of a dry cleaning business, you hardly have to search for customers. If you offer high-quality, reliable service, they will inevitably find you.

Dry Cleaning Isn’t a Seasonal Business

People and businesses need clean clothes and linens year-round. Unlike businesses that have active and less active seasons, entrepreneurs in the dry cleaning industry enjoy a year-round stream of steady demand.

Bright Future With Ripe Opportunities for Innovation

It’s a particularly exciting time for the dry cleaning industry, as businesses with an eye on the future innovate and upgrade their systems to environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology.

Companies are also coming up with innovative ways to meet customers where they need laundry services most.

As a pioneer in green laundry services, Tide Cleaners uses GreenEarth® cleaning solvent and earth-friendly technology at our locations nationwide. We’re also making laundry services more convenient than ever, with pickup and delivery services, order tracking via a smartphone app, and easy locker drop-off services in metro-area apartment complexes, college campuses, and retail locations. Tide Cleaners makes it easier than ever for consumers to get laundry services when and where they need them.

Room for Expansion

The cost to open a dry cleaning business pays off quickly when entrepreneurs tap into their business’s growth potential.

As a Tide Cleaners franchise owner, you start with a plant store, and then the opportunities for expansion are endless. You can open drop stores or non-traditional stores while using your plant store as your base. Expanding your business to offer drop locations and non-traditional stores allows you to expand your customer reach and increase your potential revenue pool. Your territory is as big as you want it to be.

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