Dry Cleaning Industry Trends: 4 Fresh Trends for 2022

What’s in store for the future of dry-cleaning business in the United States? We explore the top four emerging dry-cleaning industry trends reshaping the laundry industry.

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A new world for dry cleaning

The global dry cleaning and laundry industry is projected to grow to $79.9 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4%. In a post-pandemic world, travelers and people returning to offices will reinvigorate the dry-cleaning and laundry market.

Advances in technology, changing client needs, and shifting priorities toward more eco-conscious consumerism are also playing heavily into how the industry will appeal to customers and create lasting business models moving forward.

1. Services cater to a changing clientele

Self-service laundry has always played a role in the dry cleaning industry, but this option has become increasingly essential and will continue to be so moving forward. Not everyone has immediate access to laundry machines, particularly in crowded urban centers. And while traditional laundromats abound, brands like Tide Cleaners that amplify quality and convenience through features like wash and fold service, tailoring and shoe repair, pickup and delivery options, and 24/7 kiosks keep them at the forefront of a booming industry.

2. Dry cleaners get digital

Not all hot dry cleaning industry trends are market-specific. Everyone with a smartphone or tablet has taken to using digital apps for everything from ordering dinner to finding rides to the airport to booking and paying for dry-cleaning services. Scheduling, delivery, customer information, and more can be stored on and funneled through a handy app, a tool that the best dry cleaners are fully embracing.

Tide Cleaners’ free and user-friendly digital app allows consumers to create a personal account that gives them the ability to track orders as they’re processed, view cleaning history and receipts, schedule free delivery or pickup, and much more. While this is an incredibly handy tool for customers, it also allows business owners and employees to track business interactions and establish lasting connections with their clientele more accurately.

3. Location matters

While dry-cleaning industry trends shift to embrace technology, convenience, and sustainability, location continues to be the single most important factor in a business’s success. Particularly in densely populated urban areas where people are less likely to own a personal vehicle, ease of access is more important than ever. Customers frequent dry-cleaning businesses that save them time, among other considerations, so high visibility and convenience is of the utmost importance.

Tide Cleaners embodies accessibility for all types of customers and cleaning needs, from 24/7 kiosks to drop-off lockers to more traditional stores for people who prefer the in-person experience.

4. Dry cleaners go eco-friendly

In a world that is increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, the wasteful and sometimes harmful dry-cleaning methods of the past are falling by the wayside. Businesses, such as Tide Cleaners, specialize in environmentally friendly practices draw more customers and contribute to a more positive, carbon-neutral impact on the planet.

New regulations may drive many of your decisions when building your dry-cleaning business, but it’s also true that going above and beyond will help attract customers. People who are choosing a dry cleaner in 2022 want to patronize businesses that are conscious of the chemicals and resources used in cleaning, as well as water conservation and proper disposal of waste, while also providing quality, cost-efficient service.

Tide Cleaners has always been at the forefront of the dry-cleaning and laundry services industry in terms of innovation and cutting-edge technology. Tide Cleaners uses GreenEarth® Cleaning solvent and earth-friendly machinery and practices, replacing the petrochemical solvents traditionally used in dry cleaning with colorless, odorless liquid silicone that is ideal for fabric care and has a neutral impact on the environment.

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Step into the future with Tide Cleaners

While the dry-cleaning industry may shift and adapt to incorporate new trends and innovations, the overall market is strong, particularly when you partner with a brand that understands the priorities of both its guests and owners. As one of the world’s most trusted names in cleaning, Tide Cleaners embraces innovation, provides unparalleled services, and offers prospective franchisees the opportunity to join a winning brand.

To learn more about getting into the dry-cleaning and laundry services industry with Tide Cleaners, contact our franchising department.

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