How to Choose a Dry Cleaning Franchise That Stands Apart

When it comes to choosing a dry-cleaning franchise, no two are the same. Some dry cleaners focus on accessibility, while others focus more on quality. Some focus on customer service, while others rely on a name brand. Tide Cleaners focuses on all aspects of a dry-cleaning franchise that are important to customers, and that’s what makes Tide Cleaners stand apart from the competition.

If you want to own a dry-cleaning franchise, you should consider a company with a strong history and a promising future. Tide Cleaners is part of the Tide family — a trusted brand name that has been keeping customers' clothes clean for 70 years. Tide Cleaners also looks to the future. The company has a foothold in the growing dry-cleaning and laundry services market.

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A Successful Dry-Cleaning Franchise

A successful dry-cleaning franchise is one that has its fingers on the pulse of the community. What do the customers in the surrounding neighborhood want and need? In most cases, the answers are the same. Customers want care and convenience. Tide Cleaners offers both.

Quality Service

Clients take their clothes to a dry cleaner because they want to look good and feel good. They trust their clothes with the experts at Tide Cleaners, and they expect nothing less than exceptional cleanliness when their clothes are returned.

Quality service is of the utmost importance to Tide Cleaners. That’s why Tide Cleaners is always evaluating its cleaning process.

The Tide Complete Care™ Hygienic Clean is Tide Cleaners’ most powerful stain-fighting formula yet. The process removes visible and invisible dirt. Whiteness-enhancing technology keeps shirts looking whiter over time. Our innovative scent treatment can be activated for long-lasting freshness. No wonder clients keep trusting their clothes with us!


Tide Cleaners has franchised and family-owned locations across the United States. Customers can visit their neighborhood Tide Cleaners location for that traditional, in-person connection. They can also utilize 24/7 lockers to drop off and pick up laundry. Tide Cleaners also offers pickup and delivery for customers who don’t have time to go to the dry cleaner.

The Tide Cleaners Wash & Fold service is perfect for busy professionals or family members who don’t want to stress about their laundry. Customers place their dirty laundry into any bag. They can either drop off their laundry at Tide Cleaners or schedule a home pickup. We will sort through the laundry to ensure everything is properly cleaned, and then we fold the items to our Tide Cleaners’ standards. The clean laundry is bundled together and ready for pickup or delivery. Laundry is priced by the pound.

These services offer plenty of convenience while maintaining quality care. This attracts customers and leads to success for the franchise owner.

Commitment to Customer Service

Having a strong commitment to customer service is another key factor in attracting clients. It’s Tide Cleaners’ commitment to customer service that helps it stand apart from other dry-cleaning and laundry franchise businesses.

Tide Cleaners was recently recognized for its great customer service in a national news magazine. Newsweek included Tide Cleaners in its Best Customer Service 2021 list. Tide Cleaners was one of three dry-cleaning service companies to be included in the list. Newsweek partnered with global data research firm Statista to identify companies that consistently provide the best customer service, saying these businesses put the consumer first.

“We are committed to positively impacting our community and providing the best service possible to our clients,” says Tide Cleaners’ Director of Franchising Clare Moore. “Our purpose is to provide services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of our consumers.” This commitment to its customers is one of the main qualities that sets Tide Cleaners apart from any other dry-cleaning franchise.

An Industry Leader

Tide Cleaners is committed to customer service, quality, and convenience. Tide Cleaners uses its trusted brand name as a tool for growth, but it also pays attention and utilizes growing trends. This is why Tide Cleaners is an industry leader in the growing dry-cleaning franchise and laundry services industry.

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